Emotions Dream Dictionary

Emotions (feelings, experiences) in dreams are the main sign of the interpretation of sleep, which must necessarily be taken into account. In a dream, they reflect (beat) the fateful events and the current state of consciousness of the dreamer. On strong emotional experiences (in a dream) should pay special attention. However, in relation to emotions, sleep often uses inversion, reversing the meanings. For example, greatly rejoice — to grief, and cry — to joy, liberation. Fear in a dream can be as empty, false, and the forthcoming serious and more intrapsychic problem in reality.

To love yourself and feel love for yourself is always good. No less significant is the general mood of the dreamer after awakening. The plot of the dream can be very bad and even tragic, but if the dreamer does not experience any heavy emotions, internal discomfort, burdensome forebodings and even feels light on awakening after such a night’s sleep, then no dangerous events in the future awake the sleeping person. It is impossible to give all the recipes, in which cases the emotional reactions of the sleeper should be understood literally, and in which the opposite meaning is concluded. Perhaps the only direct criterion will be a general good mood for a new day — a state of detachment, inner peace, contentment.

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