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Despite the "folk", the generalized name of the English dream book, he has a specific author - and indeed what! This is the famous English astrologer Richard James Morrison, who lived in the XIX century. Lieutenant of the naval forces of Great Britain Morrison left the career of a military man, took the pseudonym Zadkiel and devoted himself to the study of astrology for the rest of his life, having achieved quite remarkable successes in this field. Astrology is a complicated science with a complicated terminology, but Zadkievye carried it to the masses in a way that was understandable to ordinary people. From 1831 he published the messenger "Astrology", which later became known as the "Zalman’s Almanac". And when Morrison published his dream book, which was called English, his entire circulation was sold almost half a day.

The fact that this edition is so unique is due to the fact that England is one of those countries where the influence of the church was not so strong as outside of it. Because what was banned in most European countries found a more open path to development on the British lands. These favorable conditions contributed to the fact that Morrison carried his teaching to the masses, giving an understanding of dreams to ordinary people.

Since its inception and until now, the English interpreter of dreams is considered one of the most worthy examples of the art of interpreting dreams. Its originality is explained not only by the astrological nature of origin. He does not just interpret symbolic images - he offers a deeper insight into the phenomena that a person attributes to the supernatural. Later this approach was used by the compilers of modern dream books, in particular the dream book of Tsvetkov, the esoteric dream book, etc.

In addition, Zadkiel’s dream book became a pioneer in linking the execution of sleep to a specific number of the month (this principle was later adopted in the dreambook of Hasse). Moreover - Morrison believed that even the time of day and previous dreams can affect whether the dream will come true or not. In addition, it is believed that it can find objects and phenomena that are not found in other dream books.

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