Erotic Dreams Dictionary

Erotic dream book was composed by Elizaveta Danilova, most scientists refer him to the theory of onyromatics. "Oneyros" in translation from Greek means "prophetic dream". This term was first used in the first century AD by Artimidor, a scientist from Greece, who devoted a solid section of his life to the interpretation of images from dreams. He studied and interpreted more than three thousand different symbols, gave them a semantic content. Elizaveta Danilova herself in practice applied the theory that dreams are nothing but a phenomenon directly connected with the psyche that everyone experiences individually and arises from time to time in the natural stage of sleep.

The twentieth century was rich in significant steps in the field of psychoanalysis. Opportunities in studying the human psyche have grown at times. The main influence on the process of the formation of psychoanalysis, of course, was the works of Sigmund Freud, in particular his dream book, his work "Interpretation of Dreams" marked the beginning of a period of colossal demand for understanding dreams both from the individual and from the scientific point of view. It was Freud who was able to grasp and emphasize in the long-term practice the relationship between the life of the dreamer and those images that his subconscious depicts during sleep. The human psyche is based on certain symbols, and therefore dreams almost always express the experiences of a day gone, or more distant times.

It is also worth noting that Freud worked directly with representatives of the middle strata of the population, which predetermines certain features of those images that their subconscious reflected: they all had material stability in life, but could not completely satisfy some of their intimate needs, this discontent was directly The relation in the symbols of their dreams. Seen in a dream, often puts a person at the dead end of an ordinary inhabitant, far from the necessary knowledge and literature.

It has been repeatedly proved that dreams mostly bear symbolic meaning. Therefore, dreams with intimate images should rather be projected into certain everyday situations, and the content of such dreams, as a rule, is determined by the semantic displacement of images that arise on the basis of subjective perception of reality. The erotic dream book shows how such dreams, by their content, tell the dreamer the meaning of his everyday relations, the situations that concern him at the current stage of his life.

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