Esoteric Dreams Dictionary

The word "esoteric" is of Greek origin and is translated as "secret, hidden, inner, secret". Today the notion of "esotericism" implies philosophical doctrines and schools, whose approaches to understanding and developing the surrounding world are not recognized by science - nor are the methods used by them, like extrasensory, unconventional treatment, etc.

The esoteric dream book has an author - Elena Anopova, now living our contemporary, philosopher, mystic. Esoterics, she began to engage in the 80’s. The last years were devoted to Anopova’s so-called Teachings of the Third Ray - the philosophical esoteric teaching, which, as the mystic herself claims, she received from the Heavenly Hierarchy. Elena runs the Modern philosophical and esoteric school and is the author of a number of books, which, she said, were written using the method of clairaudience.

The esoteric interpreter of dreams does not just contain symbolic interpretations of dreams, like, for example, the dream book of Nostradamus or the dream book of Longo. It involves a certain work of the soul, which can lead to very interesting results. In this sense, it is similar to the dream book of Tsvetkov. Working with his dreams on certain techniques, a person can penetrate into his subconscious, develop intuition, enrich the inner world and even have a beneficial effect on one’s own health. But all this is possible only if "communication" with an esoteric dream book and the following of his advice is carried out systematically.

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