Family Dreams Dictionary

The family dream book was written by Olga Smurova, which became the guarantee of his originality and unique style. It is a harmonious synthesis of the main directions in the interpretation of dreams. His interpretations are structured in such a way that any member of the family can find answers to questions about his dreams in it. This publication implies the division of dreams by the criterion of the duration and depth of immersion of a person in a dream.

So fast dreams, as a rule, contain especially unusual images and plots, which are not easy to put into the framework of everyday logic. Another name for such dreams is paradoxical dreams. Slow sleep, has a number of differences. During such a dream, a person does not see anything new, his mind is busy analyzing what is important to him in the context of the last vivid events set before the dreamer of tasks. After a dreamer plunges into a fast sleep, then the resulting conclusions are presented in the form of all sorts of symbolic and figurative drawings.

In addition, the Family Dreambook involves the use of basic techniques, in the interpretation of dreams. One should ignore indistinct dreams in which it is impossible to single out any basic image or plot line. You need to pay more attention to dreams in which you feel your presence especially clearly, have the opportunity to influence the development of events. Prophetic dreams are usually dreams in which a dreamer receives news from a loved one or an expensive person.

It should also be borne in mind that sometimes consciousness provides us with a plot of the dream in strictly reverse order. You should not disdain the creative approach in interpreting dreams, as much can be understood intuitively. Dreams that do not fill up completely should not be interpreted. Such an interpretation can lead a person into a vain delusion. The family dream book will be a very useful book for those who do not disdain the advice of their subconscious mind when making important decisions in the family and business life. It, albeit a generalized, but universal approach, will be to the liking of beginning interpreters and simple curious readers.

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