French Dreams Dictionary

Unlike the English dream book, the dream book French lost in the thickness of centuries the name of its author. It is possible that the authorship of the dream book collective, "Gallic folk", since this nation has long been attributed a special insight. Whatever it was, the French collection of interpretations of dreams is the forerunner of many of the more recent dream books. In particular, it is known that he was involved as a source in the compilation of the most popular dream book - Miller.

In medieval Europe, dreams were interpreted exclusively from the standpoint of Christianity. Since the authors of the French dream interpreter apparently did not care about the prospect of burning the Inquisition at the stake, his symbolism does not go beyond this tradition, which gives this collection a somewhat archaic tinge.

Another feature of the interpretation of dreams in French - this circumstance. There are a lot of decoding in the collection, many of them foreshadowing events in the life of not only the dreamer himself, but also certain communities, countries, the world, which brings him to the dream book of Nostradamus and the dream book of Vanga, in which the prophecies concerning the destinies of the Earth are also presented.

The venerable age of the French dream book could not but affect its relevance. He is rarely "published", i.e. Is published in the original, original form. And yet if it comes to objects and concepts that are not subject to any winds of change, then the observations of the medieval Gauls will be an indispensable aid in the third millennium.

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