Hasse Dreams Dictionary

In pre-revolutionary Russia, the book "Sleep and Dreams, or the Scientifically Justified Interpretation of Dreams", which came from the pen of Miss Hasse, a woman famous for her ability to penetrate other people’s thoughts and mediumistic abilities, was in great progress. Her popularity was particularly impressive in the troubled post-revolutionary years, when many people sought answers to their questions from mediums and from spiritualistic sessions. Together with the author, her book "Dream and Dreams" became even more famous: huge editions were swept off the shelves as hot pies.

Over time, a wave of excitement subsided. But the dream book of Miss Hasse remained, and moreover - he is popular with modern people around the world. The secret of his success is based on the authenticity that has already passed the test of time. Unlike, for example, from Vanga’s dream book, Hasse’s dream book is a compilation of various knowledge - folk observations, ancient and more "fresh" esoteric works.

At the same time, only the most authoritative, time-tested sources were selected for the compilation of interpretations, and scrupulous work on their study, systematization and compilation of a detailed dream book took Miss Hasse many years.

According to the medium, not all dreams are equally useful for interpretation, since the likelihood of their execution is different. It depends on the number of the month and the phase of the moon. Therefore, anyone wishing to take advantage of Miss Hasse’s predictions can first look at a special calendar to see if the dream deserves their attention.

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