Human Dream Dictionary

A person — a man or a woman as a whole in a dream — represents this or that feeling, feeling, deed, event, type of relationship or character traits (the dreamer himself). The attitude towards them, often, is determined by the stereotype of the usual emotional reactions, which can mean relations with strangers or friends, girlfriends (in reality). The congestion of people, the crowd — is a sign of spontaneity, community (public opinion), the strength of the event, the loss of individuality. A protracted queue will relate to the delay, waiting, trouble and waking.

Occasionally in a dream, we can lose real relationships (patterns of behavior) with real familiar people and new acquaintances (then it is confirmed in reality). Or (even less) generally communicate and exchange specific information between other people (simultaneously staying in the same space of the dream). Exotic, original male or female types inform about illusions, erotic aspirations, unexpectedness or unusualness of the situation, as well as about the affairs and relationships associated with these figures.

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