Islamic Dreams Dictionary

Muslim culture means that only those Muslims who are truly faithful to their own culture become dreaming. Representatives of the Islamic religion sincerely believe that dreams will begin to become precisely at the time close to the day of judgment. In addition, according to Islamic manuscripts, it is the Muslims who will be able to escape on the last day from punishment, which is unavoidable for other unfaithful people. And this salvation will be indicated to the nation precisely in their dreams, in order to indicate the true path of salvation. Such information is a direct explanation of the interest that feeds the Muslim people to the mysteries of the world of dreams.

The Islamic dream book is an online collection of interpretations based on the interpretations of dreams derived from the content of the Quran and the Sunnah. Much of the interpretation is taken directly from the works of Imam Muhammad, who is considered one of the most talented followers of the prophet, was a significant scientist of his era. Since the time of the Prophet, dreams have been given an enviable place in the Arab countries. It was believed that it is the dreams that affect the formation of personality, are able to indicate a righteous path to protect from sinful deeds.

In addition to the interpretation of dreams, the free "Islamic Dream Book: Interpretation of Dreams on the Holy Quran and the Sunnah" Ibn Sirin contains methodical instructions for the correct analysis of the images of sleep, examples of dreams that have come true are indicated. This publication is very useful to all those who seek to understand the psychological background of Islam. In the Arab countries, the interpretation of dreams is almost equated with scientific knowledge, because there you can not just become an interpreter, you need some experience and a level of trust. This dream book is based on the most authentic and proven interpretations of dreams in Islamic culture. And not looking at the fact that since the compilation of this collection a lot of time has passed, he did not lose his usefulness and content for modern man, and even more so the representative of the culture of the East.

The Islamic dream book involves the division of dreams into three types. Favorable dreams - such dreams are considered a joyful message from Allah. Negative dreams - these stories are the messages of Shaitan, they are called to instill fear and insecurity, in order to bring down a person from the right and right course of action. Such dreams can induce a righteous person to commit sin, because they are considered dangerous for Muslims. After these dreams it is recommended to perform ritual bathing. Only if a person cleans before going to bed and reads a prayer, he can hope to receive the message from Allah in a dream. Dreams of Shaitan usually come to those who go to bed without prayer, and not being cleansed. Dreams about everyday affairs, which for the dreamer recently were relevant and important. Dreams that can not be attributed to any of the groups of dreams presented above should not be interpreted on the Islamic dream book, otherwise confusion and error can not be avoided.

When interpreting dreams according to the Islamic dream book, the following rules should be adhered to: To highlight in the content of the dream the most important, preferably that which presages good news or danger, as well as something connected with the earthly or afterlife. It is important to drop everything in which there are definitely no symbols or signs. It is necessary to determine for each of the selected symbols the most central of the values, preferably based on the Quran, or on extremely proven practice. Enjoy your dreams!

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