Loff Dreams Dictionary

Each dream book has features that distinguish it from "fellow". However, we can safely say that the collection of interpretations of the dreams of the famous psychologist and researcher of the last century, David Loff, stands apart from all. Its main principle can be formulated approximately as follows: how many people - so many interpretations of their dreams.

In Loff’s understanding, a dream is not something universal, one at all. This is a subjective perception of reality or some specific situation by a specific person, which depends on many factors - the plot, circumstances, features of his character, perception of the world and life. If two people dreamed similar dreams, then, according to Loff, they will most likely be treated differently.

As David Loff established, in all dreams there are patterns that are relevant to the two main thematic categories. The first is the fundamental external events and phenomena like death, family, etc .; The second is the spiritual world of man.

The symbolism of individual objects and phenomena, inherent, for example, an esoteric dream book or a dream book of Tsvetkov, is not in the dream book of Loff. To interpret the dream, you need to scrupulously dig into your soul, feelings, analyze relationships with relatives. Loff does not give prophecy, and this is his dream book is similar to the dream book of Freud: it helps to better understand oneself and on the basis of this knowledge to build a further life.

It is noteworthy that in the dream book of Loff there is not only symbolism - there are not even exact, concrete interpretations giving way to clues. Another characteristic feature of the collection of interpretations of Loff’s dreams is a detailed explanation of the images of sleep. There are not so many of them, but each of them is given the closest attention.

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