Longo Dreams Dictionary

White magician Yuri Longo can safely be ranked among the most famous personalities of the end of the last century, who gained fame in the field of esotericism. Even death (mystical enough, which became the logical end of the chord of an extraordinary life) did not bury people’s interest in this man.

Our contemporaries are not too fit for the fact that among them lived the creator of the school of magicians and sorcerers, master of practical white magic, an astrologer, a folk healer who claimed to hover in the air and revive the dead. A dream book from such a person is undoubtedly of great interest.

According to Longo, dreams in very many cases are the key to knowing not only yourself, but also the future. In the dream book of the sorcerer, the studies of known esotericists and his personal theoretical and practical experience accumulated over many years are connected. The peculiarity of the Longo dream book is a unique combination of the postulates of official science and parapsychology as a basis.

By education Yuri Longo was a psychologist, therefore it is not surprising that his interpretation of dreams is distinguished by a special depth, detail of the disclosure of human actions and movements of the soul. This is related to his dream book, in particular, with the dream book of Loff, allowing you to better understand yourself and taking this into account, build a further life. At the same time in the dream book there is also a predictive symbolism, which links it, for example with an esoteric dream book and other collections of such a plan.

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