Abalone Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Abalone or the ear snail is a widespread a mollusc with a single shell, living on the west coast of the United States. The shell of abalone is convex, rounded to oval shape, and may be highly arched or very flattened. The shell is generally ear-shaped, presenting a small, flat spire and two to three whorls.

Shells are made up of calcium carbonate and grow in the ocean, forming part of a living ecosystem. Various types of shell have been used as gems for centuries. One of these types include those made up of pearly layers: mother of pearl, abalone and New Zealand paua. Abalone shell has been used in many cultures as a decorative jewelry and for carvings. A disc of abalone shell is worn on the forehead of Apache girls as they greet the sun in the morning of their initiation into womanhood.

Dream Interpretation Abalone

As beautiful as the Abalone, this dream gives you hope for an emotionally wonderful time in the future. To see the abalone glittering in the sea means that you will of be stimulated by intuition and imagination. To eat the abalone means success.

To see others eating abaloneโ€™s means that a close person who is passionate and supportive, but need to watch out for jealousy and controlling behavior.

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