Abandonment Dream Interpretation Dictionary

One’s own abandonment in a dream indicates the need to relinquish previous emotions and traits that are impeding personal advancement. Insubstantial beliefs and thoughts must be abdicated. This dream could be naturally analyzed as illustrating your phobia of being left behind, forsaken or double-crossed. Do thoughts that others disregard your ideas or beliefs frequently visit you?

Recently experiencing or fearing the loss of a loved-one could trigger this abandonment dream. This phobia may subconsciously embody itself in your dream and thus serves as a vital component of dealing with and surpassing losing someone you cared about. Struggles from your youth or uncertain emotions could also be the cause of this dreams’ appearance.

If you are the one deserting others in your dream, this illustrates your being overpowered by your own conflicts and struggles.

Dream Interpretation Abandonment

In dreams, to feel a sense of abandonment or rejection is symbolic of not feeling like we were wanted as children. This may actually be a distortion of reality whereby a child may have been separated from his/her parents for some reason or another and the child interpreted this as being abandoned. This may manifest in later life with the dreamer finding they cannot formulate and commit to plans for the future.

It may be helpful to look at your everyday experiences to see if you can discover the cause of a fear of abandonment. Are you experiencing loneliness, neglect or insecurity in a relationship?

If you dream that you’re abandoning someone else, this may be because of hidden or pent-up anger towards a person, or it may mean that you’re not nurturing some part of your personality. Sometimes, dreaming about abandonment may involve feeling dependent, or supporting dependents.

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