Meneghetti Dreams Dictionary

The person who first collides with the dream book of Meneghetti will surely feel some confusion. Accustomed to a more simple and transparent in the presentation of the dream books, for example, the dream book of Longo or the dream book of Hasse, he will come across strange terminology and mysterious explanations and will involuntarily ask questions about what it all means and who the author is.

Meet - an Italian philosopher, psychologist, psychotherapist, artist, composer, musician, businessman Antonio Menegetti (born 1936). Once he was a priest, then he refused to go to college and started psychotherapy. Meneghetti deserves credit for the foundation of ontopsychology, which in some countries is taught as a science in public universities, in others - is forbidden as the basis of the sect’s activities. Despite this ambiguity, the postulates of ontopsychology are widely used in various fields, including sociology and entrepreneurship.

Meneghetti had a very rich experience in the field of clinical psychotherapy. At one time, he spent 10-12 sessions a day every day, helping people cope with psychosomatic illnesses. On the basis of working with patients, he derived three new concepts, which then formed the basis of ontopsychology: onto-in, the semantic field and the deviation monitor.

The postulates of this new trend of psychology, as well as observations made during the period of clinical practice, formed the basis of the dream book of Meneghetti. The emphasis is on the inner world of man, and not on information predicting the future. As the Italian psychotherapist believed, night is of great importance for mental development, and a man who manages to "the ruler of his night" gets full power over his life.

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