Modern Dreams Dictionary

The mysteries of dreams excited humanity throughout its existence. This is evidenced by a fairly large number of dream books created at different times in different parts of the world. The oldest of the known to us, for example, the Assyrian dream book or the dream book of Nostradamus, have already a very respectable age. They have not lost their relevance, but we can not discount the fact of the constant evolution of mankind.

The changes concern not only the forms of the social system or the world of things-the thinking of people, the system of their images, is changing. Therefore, the meaning of the interpretations in the old dream books does not always correspond to the conceptual apparatus of the person who lives here and now. In addition, our dreams and dreams of our ancestors are very different, because we live in very different conditions. A modern dream book comes to the rescue.

It is an organic combination of the old, already classic, and new. Many interpretations are applicable to any time, because how many people live on earth, so much good and evil exist, birth and death, friends and enemies, love and hate, wealth and poverty, joy and sorrow. And yet in the modern dream book, the interpretations made at different times by well-known compilers have been re-interpreted from the point of view of consciousness and perception of modern people.

The modern dream book includes a large number of interpretations, which for obvious reasons could not have appeared - for example, a video camera or an electric juice extractor. Since the invention of these things, enough time has passed for them to enter our dreams, which in turn were analyzed by specialists. The list of new subjects and phenomena is constantly replenished - in fact the title of the modern dream book obliges it.

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