Money Dream Dictionary

Despite the fact that most people are committed to continuous money earnings (waking), the human subconscious feels some kind of disregard, condescension, rejection of money. In a dream, bills (getting money in real life) very often appear as insignificant or negative symbols — dung (shit), paper, trifle.

Paper denominations (in a sleep) often, dreams of deceit, troubles, vanity, but can also mean some investment (if given), — additional vitality, state of inspiration, acquisition. Coins, literally — "trifle" — is something insignificant (in matters, relationships, acquisitions). Gold coins — unfortunately, grief or less often to good (depending on the context). Old coins mean luck, knowledge. Fake, old, obsolete denominations — to deception and self-deception. Foreign denominations, currencies are hopes or disappointments in business, and also power and authority.

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