Nature Dream Dictionary

Nature as an environment of human origin has always been close to him. A close connection with the habitat influences the formation of a certain worldview in a person, this is reflected both on the conscious and the subconscious level. The significance of the images of nature for man, in the context of his dreams, is very great, and the list of such images is quite wide. Dreams of such themes, in the majority, are connected with health of the person and its psychological condition, they can express both rest, and alarm, speak about pleasant events or warn tragedies and problems.

Nature (landscape, natural phenomena) — everything beautiful, bright, enlightened, distinct — will be a favorable sign for future events in reality. And weather, natural conditions are treated in their direct meaning: bad or good weather corresponds to failure or good luck in reality. The most accentuated natural phenomena or natural disasters (such as thunder, eclipse, rain, thunderstorm, hurricane, flood, fog, earthquake) underscore the strength and nature of the upcoming negative changes. But there are quite a lot of positive natural phenomena as well — the night sky (fulfillment of desires), the bright, glowing sun, the rainbow… and the beautiful natural landscape is always for the fulfillment of the hidden desires.

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