Nostradamus Dreams Dictionary

Despite the fact that the remains of Michel Nostradamus — a doctor, an alchemist who was "concurrently" an outstanding astrologer, mystic and prophet, have been buried in the Franciscan monastery for more than four centuries, the lively interest in his legacy — predictions and dream book — remains so far. And it is completely justified, since the written Nostradamus quatrains-prophecies have not just come true and come true so far.

Their credibility was based on the developed gift of prophesying Michel himself and his skillful astrological calculations. An important role was played by dreams, as, it is believed, information about the future often came to him including this way. It is also believed that the dream book of Nostradamus is especially good for those people who have a well-developed intuition and who are often visited by prophetic dreams.

According to Nostradamus, the dreams of a person originate in the past, and very far, and in the same distant future rush. In many dream books, for example, the dream book of Hasse, the French dream book, the emphasis is mainly on the events that are to take place in the near future. But for the dreams interpreter of Nostradamus’ there are, in addition to special symbolism, decoding, in which forecasts are made for a very distant future and personal and social are divided.

According to the famous visionary, each of us is visited by dreams in which political processes, social phenomena, the fate of the country and the world are affected, and not only our subjective feelings and personal affairs. This global approach, along with other factors, makes the dream book of Nostradamus a completely unique phenomenon.

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