Objects Dream Dictionary

Every object of human life has its dream value. In addition, the objects revealed in a dream are associated with certain events, senses, feelings, places, relationships with people — with the past life of the dreamer, in which one or another thing has already participated, was present in reality. And at the same time the connection in the memory of the past has already become fixed and causes in a dream the corresponding associations. What do subjects look like?

In these cases, the dream always strives to show something more than just an object or thing. It conveys the shades of different meanings. However, in order to have such a meaningful loading, the thing in the dream should be emotionally colored or denoted in the most original way (in an unusual perspective, color, with an unusual fantasy distortion or simply getting into the focus of attention). A great variety of objects is analogous to the diversity of their semantic meanings and in the dream. But in general, like many other symbols, they emphasize this or that specificity of future events and relations.

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