Religion Dream Dictionary

The society has developed for thousands of years, the world outlook and thought structure have changed, some stages of development have been safely passed, others have settled in people’s minds seriously and for a long time. Religious worldview has been firmly rooted in the minds of people very seriously, and it will long be able to dominate over any other currents. Such a commonality of fundamental views allows us to interpret religious symbols in the context of dreams in a rather general way. Mysticism, as a counterbalance to religion, also has a common place for many people in the subconscious, but carries already slightly different messages by its symbols and subjects.

Dreams of this kind, as a rule, worn about something personal and for a person, as for religious symbols, they have positive messages, warn of favorable changes in life, symbolic events and meetings. However, all that is connected with mystical subjects, warns of problems and strong stress in the compartment with unpleasant and serious consequences, both for the health and the psyche of the dreamer. In other words, in this category there are interpretations of dreams, which are essentially opposite, but in fact have common bases and a similar nature.

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