Tsvetkov Dreams Dictionary

The author of the dream book of Tsvetkov - Evgeni Petrovich Tsvetkov - is a very remarkable person with his bright and diverse talents. He is a writer who represents Russian abroad, a journalist, an artist, a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, as well as an occultist, a palmist, an astrologer - and an interpreter of dreams.

It was in the last field that he got the greatest fame, which is not surprising: the study of dreams has been the subject of his interest for more than three decades. As Yevgeny Tsvetkov is our contemporary, his dream book includes an interpretation of the realities of the 20th and 21st centuries, the absence of which is for good reasons caused by dream books older, such as the English dream book or Miller’s dream book. In addition, the interpretation of the dreams of Tsvetkov covers almost the sphere of human life, and therefore today it is considered not only reliable and authoritative, but also one of the most popular.

Another important advantage of the dream book of Tsvetkov is that in its compilation the associativity inherent in people of Slavic origin was involved. This makes the collection of interpretations of dreams from Tsvetkov intuitively understandable and close in spirit to the Russian people and their Slav brothers. This trait is well traced in comparing it, for example, with the dream book of Meneghetti or the French dream book.

The interpreter of the dreams of Tsvetkov is also notable for the fact that he proposes not only a passive interpretation of dreams "post factum". According to this occultist, dreams can be constructed by oneself and through this, one can fulfill one’s own desires, correcting the natural course of events.

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