Vanga Dreams Dictionary

According to the documents she was Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova. But the whole world knew her as Vangu, "a fantasy reality and a naive mystery" - as the newspaper called it. And although journalists are usually inclined to exaggerations, in this case, they slightly violated the truth. A modest blind woman from the Bulgarian village of Petrich became famous for the whole world by being able to see more than people with the sharpest vision, thanks to the gift of clairvoyance and divination that was acquired in childhood. On her account, a huge number of fulfilled predictions, many of which concerned the fate of celebrities and received a worldwide response.

As she said most clairvoyant, information was supplied to her by certain invisible beings who were her constant companions. But much she drew from her visions, as well as dreams. Moreover, her first prophecies were based on prophetic dreams.

The Bulgarian visionary told that dreams occupy an important place in the fate of people. Having symbolic meaning, they are associated with both individual human lives and the destinies of entire states. Therefore, in the dream book of Vanga there are interpretations concerning the personal fate of the dreamer, and the future (mostly very remote) countries, as well as the planet as a whole. This circumstance, by the way, unites him with the dream book of Nostradamus, for which interpretation is also characteristic on a planetary scale.

Vanga’s dream book can not boast of a huge number of deciphered images. But this is offset by the multilateral approach and the variety of situations in which an object or phenomenon is considered. In addition, if you take into account the successful experience of Vanga’s prophecies, then the dream book causes complete trust in him.

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