Wanderer Dreams Dictionary

At the present stage, dream books in the literature are presented in an extremely wide range, their variety is amazing, and it is sometimes very difficult to choose one from them. But the publication, which will be further discussed, is that it is intended solely for those dreams that are encountered in practice extremely rarely and sometimes completely unique. This is the "Wanderer’s Dream Book".

The author of this publication is Terenty Smirnov, known in narrow circles as Wanderer. This connoisseur of psychology became famous for helping his readers find answers to questions that were not considered at all in other dream books, or were considered very mediocre. This approach of Smirnov to the interpretation of dreams led to the fact that in the end he completely refused to consider dreams that are not unique and have never been considered before.

When interpreting dreams, the Wanderer resorts to the art of yoga and meditation, in his opinion the world of the subconscious can in no case be analyzed from a scientific point of view, because it is the spiritual practices that are closest in methodology to the practice of lucid dreaming and therefore are able to provide answers to important questions for the dreamer. Wanderer’s dream book is built on the basis of generalization of personal experience and practice of interpreting the dreams of readers, which makes it extremely effective in individual cases and at the same time almost useless for ordinary cases.

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