April 28 Birthday Horoscope

April 28 Zodiac Sign - Taurus

Being a Taurus born on April 28th, your personality is defined by a determined and stable nature. Few can match your strong willpower and determination. Once you put your mind to something, you will devote all of your energies to accomplishing your goals. This quality is greatly admired by those closest to you, but it is also a testament to your commitment to stability. You will work tirelessly in life until you have achieved your desired level of success and comfort.

April 28 Birthday Element - Earth

Your sign’s paired element is Earth and in fact, you have the only fixed connection with Earth of all the zodiac signs. Your special relationship with Earth gives your personality powerful, albeit stubborn qualities. This quality is paired nicely with your prudent and practical nature. Your connection with Earth keeps you quite "grounded" and in doing so, will play a key role in your future successes. Be aware of Earth’s negative influences, which include overly cautious and conservative attitudes.

April 28 Ruling Planet - Venus

Venus is the ruling planet of the Taurus and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, Venus’s influence is twice as strong within you. Being the planet of harmony, Venus’s mysterious power is reflected in your warmth, appreciation of beauty and sociability. Your unique planetary power makes you the most loving and materialistic of all the Taurus Decans. You greatly enjoy being in love and will remain loyal and faithful to any partner you deem worthy. You enjoy the same security in your surroundings, as you wont be satisfied until you are surrounded with beauty and comfort. In love, find a partner that shares in your loyalty and need for beauty, as this will bring you the most satisfaction.

April 28 Taurus Personality

A Taurus born on April 28 brings joy to their world. They have an amazing capacity for living life to the fullest and never failing to recognize an opportunity that comes their way. They have absolutely no cynicism and can find logic and reason in even the most difficult and trying circumstances.

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