August 17 Birthday Horoscope

August 17 Zodiac Sign - Leo

As a Leo born on August 17th, you are well known for being ambitious, straightforward and active. While you notice others are content in their current position, you are always looking to the next level of success. You are goal-oriented and will put in whatever work that is necessary to reach the top. Your friends admire these qualities, but are sometimes frustrated by your blunt nature. Although you never intend to offend others with your honesty, you have no desire to mask the truth in any aspect of life.

August 17 Birthday Element - Fire

The Leo’s element is fire and in fact, you have the most fundamental connection with the element of all the zodiac signs. Fire’s influence becomes obvious when you are met with a challenge. Passion and enthusiasm burn deep within, pushing you to conquer any obstacle. Make sure your flame is never extinguished and you will continue on a path toward success. However, be aware of the impulsiveness and impatience that sometimes arises when fire is overly embraced.

August 17 Ruling Planet - Sun

The Sun is the ruling planet of your sign, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of your sign, you are also a recipient of Mars’ planetary powers. The influence of the Sun can be witnessed in your individualism, ego and creativity, while the Mars’ power can be reflected in the assertive and vigorous way that you tackle life. Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you the most ambitious of all the Leo Decans. You strive for success and will reach it with creativity and a positive outlook. Staying true to your positive ambition will launch you towards success in life. Work to avoid the darkness of your planetary influence, which includes the aggression and restlessness that accompanies blind ambition.

August 17 Leo Personality

Leos born on August 17 possess enormous spiritual power. They are highly focused and always follow their own paths. They are seldom influenced by trends, yet they may secretly ally themselves with the comfort of the status quo. Although personable, they have an aloof quality. They appear steady and unflappable to others, but there are times when emotions get the better of them and their logic is useless.

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