August 22 Birthday Horoscope

August 22 Zodiac Sign - Leo

Being a Leo born on August 22nd, you are well known for your ambitious, honest and social nature. You have friends that struggle to find motivation, but you have never shared in this problem. You never fail to set new goals and challenges for yourself and you will work tirelessly to meet these goals. Your ambition is paired well with an honesty and straightforwardness. If your loved ones didn’t know you so well, they would find a bit of harshness in your honesty. You sometimes fail to notice when you offend others with your bluntness, instead wishing that they would speak to you the same way.

August 22 Birthday Element - Fire

Fire is your sign’s paired element and as a Leo, you are the only zodiac sign with a cardinal relationship to the element. Fire’s influence is obvious when your passion and enthusiasm emerge. Whenever confronted with a challenge, no matter how great, your flame burns with fortitude as you reach your goals. These qualities of fire should be highly valued, but you should be aware of the dangers of impatience and impulsiveness that are amongst fire’s negative qualities.

August 22 Ruling Planet - Sun

Leo’s are ruled by the Sun, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also subject to the planetary influence of Mars. The Sun’s influence over creativity and willpower are matched with Mars’ influence over assertiveness and vigor. As a result of these two unique influences, you are far more success-oriented than the other Leo Decans. Your ambition is your greatest strength, but if handled without care it can become a weakness. To avoid the aggression that comes with blind ambition, take care to enjoy the less serious sides of life to put everything in perspective. As long as you remain in control and stay positive, you will continue on a path to certain success.

August 22 Leo Personality

Leos born on August 22 are thoroughbreds. They have good looks, personal charm, and plenty of class. There is a certain instability in their personality that makes them intriguing. High-strung and somewhat nervous, they thrive on attention. Unlike most Leos, August 22 natives don’t have a lot of "people" skills. They don’t make friends easily but are intensely loyal to the ones they have.

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