December 10 Birthday Horoscope

December 10 Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius

Being a Sagittarius born on December 10th, your openness and restlessness define you. Your friends can attest to the fact that you always share when something is on your mind. You take this same honesty in all of your dealings. While others may describe you as blunt, you simply have an appreciation for the truth. You have many interests, which is mainly because it is so hard for you to pick just one! You are so restless in your hobbies and work that you can truly be considered a Jack of all trades.

December 10 Birthday Element - Fire

Fire is your sign’s paired element and as a Sagittarius, you are the only zodiac sign with a mutable connection to fire. Much like an unchecked flame, you are changeable and adaptable. Fire’s influence also reaches to your determined spirit, as it is responsible for the passion and enthusiasm that burns deep within you. When confronted with an especially difficult challenge, the influence of fire makes sure you meet your goals with fortitude. Although fire’s influence can be amongst your greatest strengths, be careful to avoid the impatience and impulsiveness that creates weakness.

December 10 Ruling Planet - Jupiter

Your sign’s planetary ruler is Jupiter, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, Mars also lends you some of its mysterious power. Jupiter’s powers are related to expansion, which explains for your adventurous and truth seeking nature. By comparison, it is Mars’ power that links to your assertive and action-first nature. These unique planetary influences combine to make you the most spontaneous of all the Sagittarius Decans. You are fearless and bold in life, which will allow you to get the very best out of your experiences. In love, you will find the most satisfaction in a partner that shares your deep need for adventure and appreciation of honesty.

December 10 Sagittarius Personality

Analytical yet creative, a Sagittarius born on December 10 believes in getting things done. They have a sunny, personable nature and always seem to be full of good humor and enthusiasm. They protect themselves from emotional pain. Though they can handle every other type of challenge well, they flinch from situations involving feelings.

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