February 18 Birthday Horoscope

February 18 Zodiac Sign - Aquarius

Being an Aquarius born on February 18th, you are well known for your impulsive, yet charming nature. You tend to get bored easily and as a result, you have taken on a variety of interests and hobbies. In all aspects of life, you are spontaneous and passionate. While these qualities are intriguing to others, it is your charm that makes you hard to resist. With innate warmth, sociability and mystery, you have earned a long list of admirers!

February 18 Birthday Element - Air

Air is the elemental pair of your sign and in fact, you have the only fixed connection with air of all the zodiac signs. Your special relationship with air allows your personality to resemble a strong wind, stubborn and determined. As is the case with other air zodiac signs, the influence of air inspires curiosity to stir within you. It seems that you are always pushed towards acquiring knowledge and understanding whenever something peaks your interest. Embracing the active qualities of air will play a key role in your future successes, but you must be careful to avoid air’s less active qualities. Much like a stale, windless day, air’s stagnant qualities can cause unemotional moods and aloofness.

February 18 Ruling Planet - Uranus

The Aquarius is under the planetary rulership of Uranus, but as you were born in the third decan, or part, of the sign, you also receive a helping of Venus’s mysterious power. Uranus, being the planet of deviation, is linked to your original and free spirit, but it is Venus that can be credited with your social and cooperative nature. Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you more sensitive than the other Aquarius Decans. Your strong emotions allow you to love those closest to you with unconditional affection. In love, your passion is just as strong, but restlessness makes it difficult for you to avoid boredom. While overcoming your restlessness will always be a challenge, your impulsiveness will afford you many worthwhile experiences.

February 18 Aquarius Personality

Aquarians born on February 18 are dedicated to the art of perfection. They can transcend the mundane trivia of everyday life to become something special. They not only attract controversy - they thrive on it! Quiet and introspective, they have what it takes to become emotionally self-sufficient. When challenges come their way, they bear up stoically.

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