January 23 Birthday Horoscope

January 23 Zodiac Sign - Aquarius

Being an Aquarius born on January 23rd, your personality is characterized by adaptability and originality. You can easily adapt to just about any situation. At times, you actively seek out new experiences and environments, where you can thrive. Socially, you love to meet new people and thrive in situations where you can display your unique point of view and way of thinking. Your friends and family would be the first to describe you as original. In all aspects of your life, you reject the status quo, instead choosing to embrace your individuality.

January 23 Birthday Element - Air

Air is the paired element of the Aquarius and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with the element. Similar to a forceful wind, air’s influence creates a determined and stubborn quality in your personality. It is also air’s influence that links to the gentle breeze of curiosity that seems to stimulate your being. When you find a worthwhile interest, air’s influence allows you to push towards knowledge and understanding. Embracing the active qualities of air will be amongst your greatest assets, as long as you are careful to avoid the aloofness that accompanies air’s less active qualities.

January 23 Ruling Planet - Uranus

Your sign’s planetary ruler is Uranus and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, Uranus has twice the influence over your personality. Uranus is the planet of deviations and subsequently, is linked to your need for freedom, originality and objectivity. Your unique combination of planetary influence makes you objective and unique above all else. Whether it be your hobbies, fashion or style, there is very little to be considered "traditional" about you. You may find it very appealing to retreat into your own world, as there have been times when your originality has been considered weird or odd to others. Nevertheless, you maintain a social and humanitarian outlook, which allows others to accept all your traits, no matter how unusual they may be considered.

January 23 Aquarius Personality

Aquarians born January 23 are hard-headed realists whose personas reflect a strong, silent type. They have a toughness about them that’s laudable and useful: They seem to handle anything. Inside, though, they’re tender souls. Often put in the position of role model, they do not generally regard their conduct as anything special.

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