January 3 Birthday Horoscope

January 3 Zodiac Sign - Capricorn

Being a Capricorn born on January 3rd, your social and hardworking nature defines your personality. While others may prefer solitude, you are most engaged in a social setting, where you can impress others with your charming and witty personality. You put great effort into showing attention to others and subsequently, you have acquired many friends throughout your life. Your dedication to friendship is met by an equally hardworking attitude in all aspects of your life. On more than one occasion, you have inspired others with your "never say quit" approach to obstacles.

January 3 Birthday Element - Earth

Your sign’s paired element is Earth and in fact, of all 12 zodiac signs, you have the only cardinal relationship with the element. Your fundamental connection with makes you a self-starter and active in your pursuits. More importantly, your connection with Earth insures that your goals and aspirations are rooted in a realistic world view. You have no interest to keep your heads in the clouds, as this only prevents you from reaching practical solutions. These prudent earthly qualities can become one of your most valuable assets, as long as you avoid the detrimental quality of over-cautiousness that is associated with your elemental pairing.

January 3 Ruling Planet - Saturn

The Capricorn’s planetary ruler is Saturn, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you also receive a generous dose of Venus’s mysterious planetary influence. Saturn’s influence is reflected in your disciplined and organized nature, but it is Venus that is responsible for your harmonious, social and creative inclinations. More so than any of the other Capricorn Decans, your unique planetary influences make you social and adaptable. You excel in any situation that requires creativity and you bring your hardworking nature into all that you do. In love, you display the same attentive, devoted and determined qualities. Once you have found a mate you deem worthy, you will work tirelessly to cultivate a long-lasting, affectionate relationship. You may be a bit pessimistic at times, so look to help from your loved ones to improve your positivity.

January 3 Capricorn Personality

A Capricorn born on January 3 is resourceful and able to draw good things into their life without exerting much effort. They have a streak of originality. January 3 men and women are naturally acquisitive. Material objects are important to them but only as an outward expression of how they feel about their circumstances and the world around them.

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