July 14 Birthday Horoscope

July 14 Zodiac Sign - Cancer

As a Cancer born on July 14th, you are no stranger to the realm of emotions. You have the ability to intuitively understand the thoughts and feelings of others. Although some may consider this a talent, it has always come naturally to you. Paired with your strong empathy is a fair amount of optimism and spirituality. You bring a positive outlook into most things you do, which is appreciated by friends, family, peers and co-workers.

July 14 Birthday Element - Water

Water is the Cancer’s paired element and you actually have the most fundamental connection with water of any of the zodiac signs. Being an element of emotions, you often experience strong emotions in waves. Often living on the rocky seas of emotion, you have gained a deep understanding for your inner workings. As a result, you can naturally pick up the rocky waters of others. Sharpening your connection with water will allow your empathetic skills to grow, but be aware that you can become "lost at sea" and suffer from emotional instability.

July 14 Ruling Planet - Moon

The planetary ruler of your sign is the moon, but because you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign you also experience the planetary influence of Neptune. The moon’s influence is seen with your emotional perceptiveness and sensitivity, while Neptune’s influence is reflected in compassion, spirituality and vision. Your double dose of compassion makes you very kind and possibly empathetic to a fault. You tackle life and love with an imaginative excitement. A natural dreamer, your imagination is one of the greatest strengths as it results in optimism. Be careful to avoid an overactive imagination, as it creates the risk of using these capabilities to escape from reality.

July 14 Cancer Personality

July 14 Cancers are quick-witted, highly verbal, and prone to react in a haughty manner when crossed. Although social and fun-loving, they are more serious than they appear. They understand the structure needed to maintain tradition.

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