July 18 Birthday Horoscope

July 18 Zodiac Sign - Cancer

As a Cancer born on July 18th, you strengths lie in your emotional sensitivity and unfaltering optimism. You are very comfortable with your own emotional workings, as well as those of others. This ability makes it easy for you to have the right thing to say, a gift which your friends and family greatly appreciate. When times are rough, you have the ability to see the bright side of things and help to uplift others with your positive attitude.

July 18 Birthday Element - Water

You have a fundamental connection with water, as it is your sign’s paired element. Water and emotions are a hand and glove fit, which explains why you ride the rocky waters of emotion with deep understanding. Your experiences have allowed you to sense when others are experiencing emotion, no matter how slight. Your connection with water will grow with your focus, which will only make you a more compassionate person. Stay wary of the negative influence of Water, as completely diving into the waters of emotion can lead to moodiness.

July 18 Ruling Planet - Moon

You experience the planetary influence of two planets. The first being the moon, which is a testament to your sensitivity and emotional perceptiveness. Your second planetary influence comes from Neptune, which is reflected in your powerful imagination and connection to all that spiritual and supernatural. This unique combination is the cause for your dream inspired, romanticized way of dealing with the world. You often find yourself lost in fantasy, especially in relation to your love life. As it is possible to feel disappointment when reality doesn’t quite live up to reality, your optimism can help lift your spirits. While you love companionship and take great satisfaction from it, you must also give yourself time alone to explore your thoughts and true feelings. Take care to avoid too much fantasy, as you may begin to rely to heavily on it for your happiness.

July 18 Cancer Personality

July 18 Cancers are high-energy individuals with a psychic bent. They understand the ways karmic forces can facilitate self-realization. Deeply in touch with their own subconscious drives, they’re usually able to achieve their aims through focusing on those inner desires.

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