July 21 Birthday Horoscope

July 21 Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Being born on July 21 of the Cancer sign, you are characterized by your optimism, empathy and intuition. Your close group of friends can always count on you for a positive outlook and making the best out of an otherwise bad situation. You are very comfortable with both your emotions and the emotions of others. You can easily recall a dozen times when you seemed to sense what another person was feeling or thinking. It’s this ability that allows you to always know the right thing to say, which is greatly appreciated by those closest to you.

July 21 Birthday Element - Water

Your sign’s paired element is water, and you actually have the most fundamental relationship with water of any of the zodiac signs. The unpredictable and forceful nature of water ties heavily to the same qualities found in emotions, which explains why you often feel overcome with emotions as if hit by a strong wave. You learn quickly from your experiences and are able to ably your emotional understanding to those you interact. These qualities are key to your compassion, but remember that they also create the risk of becoming overly emotional and moody.

July 21 Ruling Planet - Moon

The moon is the ruling planet of the Cancer, but because you are born on the last day of the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you also receive direct planetary influence by Neptune. The moon, being the planet most heavily tied with emotions, is responsible for your sensitivity and compassion. Neptune, while also tied to emotions, brings the added benefit of imagination and spirituality. You often notice that your head is in the clouds, playing in a world of possibilities and fantasy. This is true for both everyday matters and it is especially true in love. You are a romantic and are most excited with the promise of romantic novelty. You may become too heavily invested in your imagination, which leads to a lack of satisfaction with reality. Luckily, your optimistic nature counters any possibility of poor spirits as you can quickly hope for the best in the future.

July 21 Cancer Personality

July 21 Cancers experience a unique conflict between a need to be conventional and a desire to be original. At the core of their being, they are extremely sensitive and may suffer much more than is apparent to others. Strongly competitive, July 21 natives tend to choose friends who have a similar temperament. This makes it difficult for them to form a bond of trust.

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