July 23 Birthday Horoscope

July 23 Zodiac Sign - Leo

Being a Leo born on July 23rd you are extremely extroverted and find great comfort in being the center of attention. Your sociability is paired well with your kind and loving nature, which explains why you have an overwhelming amount of friends. You have a strong need for independence and sometimes frustrate your loved with ones with an undying need to take charge. Luckily, you take on tasks with such enthusiasm that people are happy to follow your lead.

July 23 Birthday Element - Fire

Fire is your paired element and your sign actually has the most cardinal relationship with the element. At times you may feel the influence of fire burning inside you in the form of great confidence, energy and passion. Embracing these qualities of fire create great potential for success in your life as your drive and willpower can be unparalleled at times. Take care to remember that any fire can burn out of control, which, in your case, can lead to egotism, impulsiveness and impatience.

July 23 Ruling Planet - Sun

The Sun in the planetary ruler of your sign and because you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign you experience twice the Sun’s influence. The Sun’s influence manifest in vitality, ego and creativity. The Sun’s influence connects to the relentless way in which you tackle your work and tasks. While others enjoy leisure, you feel incomplete if you are not moving on to the next job. These qualities allow you to take on any task and solve any problem with fortitude. You go to great lengths to hide your insecurities, instead choosing to cover them with pure outgoingness. Although you are not a fan of your sensitivity, don’t be afraid to share it with those closest to you.

July 23 Leo Personality

Leos born on July 23 love being the center of attention. They have a pleasing personality and a good sense of humor. Whether it is a personal or a work-related project, these men and women are always prepared. July 23 individuals are friendly and sociable and have the heart to transform a frivolous relationship into a deep and satisfying friendship.

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