July 26 Birthday Horoscope

July 26 Zodiac Sign - Leo

As a Leo born on July 26th, you are energized by the outside world and take every chance to interact with others. Although slightly dramatic at times, you are a warm and loving person. Your friends and family greatly appreciate these attributes, which makes it easier for them to deal with your natural inclination to take charge over situations. Your sociability is not to be confused with neediness, as you are very independent.

July 26 Birthday Element - Fire

Fire is your paired element, and as Leo, you have the more fundamental relationship with the element than any of the other zodiac signs. You have the ability to create a burning passion from within and you use this ability to tackle challenges with enthusiasm and fortitude. You must make sure to control your fire however, because when it is unchecked, it can quickly turn into impulsiveness and impatience. Embracing fire’s positive qualities will be key for meeting your life goals.

July 26 Ruling Planet - Sun

The Sun is the planetary ruler of your sign and because you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, the Sun’s influence over you is doubled. The Sun’s influence is characterized by individuality, vitality and creativity. The Sun connects to your self awareness and pride, which can sometimes make you stubbornly independent. Your tendency to rely on no one causes you to hide your insecurities behind a lively, confident personality. While this is one of your greatest assets for pursuing success, don’t allow this confidence to cross the line into arrogance and egotism.

July 26 Leo Personality

Leos born on July 26 not only possess amazing star quality and an intriguing personality, but they also have the ability to draw attention to themselves without making an effort to do so. They often find themselves at the very center of controversy.

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