July 5 Birthday Horoscope

July 5 Zodiac Sign - Cancer

As a Cancer born on July 5th, you are surrounded by mystery and sensitivity. While others struggle to comprehend the emotions of others, you always found the practice natural and easy. Your deep emotional understanding is the source of your compassion and sympathy. Though in-tune with emotions, you are far from an open book, preferring to keep things to yourself. This tendency is often met with opposition from those closest to you, who often struggle to understand the workings of your mind.

July 5 Birthday Element - Water

Water is your paired element and as a Cancer, you have the most fundamental relationship with the element. Emotions take on the unpredictable nature of water, which explains why you often find yourself riding strong waves of emotion. You notice every change in your emotional tide and those around you. The positive qualities of water should be embraced, but be aware that becoming fully submerged in the waters of emotion can lead to an unsettling temperament.

July 5 Ruling Planet - Moon

The moon is the planetary ruler of your sign, but because you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also subject to the influence of Pluto. The mysteries of the moon are responsible for your psychic-like emotional perceptiveness. These qualities form an interesting relationship with the power-mindedness of Pluto’s influence. Your strong will is met with your strong emotions, which can sometimes be a volatile mix. Finding security in a loving relationship will help to ease the struggles of your inner conflicts. To keep a strong relationship going, make sure to curb your overly-jealous nature.

July 5 Cancer Personality

July 5 Cancers have a profound need to live in the "now", and yet they desire to transcend time through their own actions and plans. Intelligent, shrewd, and canny, they put their own stamp upon events. They have a great love for the art of conversation. They can talk themselves into almost any situation and impress others with insightful thinking.

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