June 17 Birthday Horoscope

June 17 Zodiac Sign - Gemini

Being a Gemini born on June 17th, you probably are accustomed to being called talkative. This is not by coincidence, as you are most excited while interacting with the world around you. Your mind can transform its private workings into useful group insight with ease. This ability is impressive to your friends, colleagues and peers, but has always felt natural to you. You’ve always noticed a distinct social power over others.

June 17 Birthday Element - Air

The Gemini sign is paired with the air element and you have actually have the most fluid connection with air out of all 12 zodiac signs. It is because of the influence of moving air that curiosity and a pursuit of knowledge seems to stir inside you constantly. Your interests are blown in a variety of directions and you have little choice but to follow them. In this way, the influence of air is one of the greatest contributors to your unique personality. You should be wary of the qualities of stagnant air, which can create an unemotional and aloof state.

June 17 Ruling Planet - Mercury

The Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, but because you are born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, your personality also receives planetary influence from Uranus. While Mercury’s influence is seen in your exceptional mental abilities, Uranus has an influence on your quest for originality. You realize that deviating from the norm isn’t negative, but is instead a source of freedom and joy. The freedom, which you so actively use to pursue a wide range of seemingly unrelated topics is one of your greatest assets. However, if you are extremely reluctant to take focus, you may find it difficult to complete projects and tasks.

June 17 Gemini Personality

Geminis born June 17 are uncharacteristically serious. They are concerned with making a success in life, yet a spirit of rebellion lurks behind their seemingly conservative and traditional facades. They have a vision all their own but aren’t always sure just how to achieve it.

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