June 27 Birthday Horoscope

June 27 Zodiac Sign - Cancer

As a Cancer born on June 27th, words such as sensitive, sympathetic and affectionate can be used to describe your personality. Few people share in your ability to pick up on the feelings and thoughts of others. Shunning manipulation, you use your gifts to help others with compassion and attention. You are a giver at heart, which is why you are loved so dearly by your family and friends.

June 27 Birthday Element - Water

You have a fundamental relationship with water, as it is the paired element of the Cancer sign. As emotions take on the rocky, and sometimes forceful, qualities of water, you have the ability to ride the waves of emotions with ease. Likewise, you help others to weather particularly troubling emotions that they are experiencing. Utilize the qualities of water wisely, as becoming too submerged in your emotions will lead to bouts of moodiness and oversensitivity.

June 27 Ruling Planet - Moon

The ruling planet of your sign is the moon, but as you are born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you have a double dose of the moonโ€™s powers. The moon is a deeply emotional influence, which powers emotional intuition to such great extents that you often may feel psychic about the feelings of others. Your strong tie with emotions explains why your feelings of security are dependent on strong, loving bonds. Your caring ways and helpfulness will insure strong relationships, but be careful to avoid confusing nurturing acts with smothering ones.

June 27 Cancer Personality

Although they possess a great sense of their own importance, Cancers born on June 27 are not naturally egotistical people. They have a strong, almost overbearing, personality, yet they wear it with ease and grace. They have a dynamic charm and are usually quiet and unassuming. June 27 natives are upbeat, friendly, and devoted to creating meaningful friendships.

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