June 30 Birthday Horoscope

June 30 Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Being a Cancer born on June 30th, you find most comfort in the realms of creativity and emotions. There are few times that you can recall not sensing what another person was feeling or thinking. You find great satisfaction in helping others and at times will go far beyond normal expectations to support someone. Your friends and family appreciate your nurturing and sensitive qualities, which explains why you are such widely loved.

June 30 Birthday Element - Water

Water is your element and as a Cancer, you actually have the most fundamental connection with water than any other zodiac sign. You are often met with waves of strong emotion, which help facilitate deeper understanding. As others experience unpredictable emotions, you have the ability to help them weather the storm. Embracing these qualities of water will be the source of great fulfillment in your life, but becoming fully submerged may create moodiness.

June 30 Ruling Planet - Moon

The moon is the planetary ruler of your sign, and because you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you are subject to twice the moonโ€™s influence. Being the planet of reaction, emotions are deeply connected to the mysteries of the moon. As a result, your emotional perceptiveness and intuition are very strong, to the point of nearly psychic gifts. While your focus on nurturing and sensitivity is helpful to others, the strong relationships that are created as a result become the defining points of security in your life. Make sure to spend some time focusing inwardly, as the excessive maintenance of your loved ones can become smothering.

June 30 Cancer Personality

June 30 Cancers have an exceptionally well-balanced nature. They are materialistic in a good sense because they wish to help others. They are sensible yet fun-loving. They strive for success yet never lose sight of their personal commitments. Although they love people, June 30 natives understand that before they can establish worthwhile personal relationships, they first have to work on themselves.

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