May 10 Birthday Horoscope

May 10 Zodiac Sign - Taurus

As a Taurus born on May 10th, you are well known for a charming and tactful personality. By now, you are likely to realize that people are drawn to your sense of humor and special brand of wit. With your social understanding and gifts for communication, you find it easy to connect with others, although you may prefer to keep a small group of close friends. Your charisma is paired nicely with you gifts for tact and diplomacy. You can likely recall numerous situations where you knew exactly what to say to protect someone’s feelings or prevent a situation from getting out of hand.

May 10 Birthday Element - Earth

The Taurus is paired with the Earth element and in fact, you have the only fixed relationship with Earth of all the zodiac signs. Your special connection with Earth explains for the powerful and stable qualities that define your being. As is the case with all Earth signs, your elemental influence keeps you grounded and realistic. Embracing Earth’s prudent qualities will keep you on a path to success and material gain. However, you should be aware of Earth’s negative influence, which includes an overly cautious and conservative mindset.

May 10 Ruling Planet - Venus

Venus is the ruling planet of your sign, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the Taurus sign, you also receive an important dose of Mercury’s planetary influence. Being the planet of harmony, the power of Venus can be seen in your warmth, sociability and appreciation of beauty. In the same sense, it is Mercury’s mysterious power that drives your quick mind. Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you the most practical and thoughtful of all the Taurus Decans. Hard work has never been a challenge to you, as long as the results are practical and worthwhile. In the same sense, your practicality has helped to form your life’s ambitions, which are focused more on security than notoriety. It may take you some time to open up, but you are completely honest in all your close relationships. In love, you value faithfulness, affection and loyalty above all else.

May 10 Taurus Personality

Tauruses born on May 10 are cautious optimists who believe that if they try hard enough they can make a positive impact upon their world. Though not naturally solitary, they do require more than their share of privacy. They depend on their subconscious mind to give them the guidance they need.

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