May 2 Birthday Horoscope

May 2 Zodiac Sign - Taurus

Being a Taurus born on Mary 2nd, your personality is characterized by charm and tact. Throughout your life, you have noticed that people are drawn to your charm and charisma. While you may prefer not to be close to a lot of people, this does not change the fact that others greatly enjoy your company. Your gifts for communication are notable and you have an innate ability to always say the right thing at the right time. It is your tact and diplomacy that is appreciated so greatly by friends, family members and coworkers.

May 2 Birthday Element - Earth

The elemental pair of the Taurus is Earth and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with Earth. Your special relationship with Earth makes you as stubborn and stable as a 2 ton bolder. It is this quality that makes you reliable and grounded. Embracing Earth’s prudent qualities will allow you to work towards realistic goals, but this quality can become detrimental if you adopt an overly cautious attitude. Many valuable life experiences can be missed as a result of a conservative nature.

May 2 Ruling Planet - Venus

Your sign is subject to the planetary rule of Venus, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the Taurus sign, Mercury also lends you a dose of its planetary power. Being the planet of harmony, Venus’s power is reflected in your appreciation of beauty and your sociability. In the same sense, it is Mercury that links to your quick-wit and communication. Your unique planetary influences make you the most charismatic and practical of all the Taurus Decans. You have no desire for the spotlight, but instead, only care about obtaining your goals and reaching your desired level of comfort. In love, you are honest, open and loyal. Find a partner that shares in your loving and faithful nature, as this will bring you the most happiness.

May 2 Taurus Personality

A Taurus born on May 2 is infinitely aware of their unique gifts and wants to share them with the world. Creativity - both artistic and intellectual - is their personal hallmark. Although somewhat cautious, they are adventurous souls. They are brave about the choices they make in life.

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