May 23 Birthday Horoscope

May 23 Zodiac Sign - Gemini

As a Gemini born on May 23rd, you feel most alive when surrounded by others. Seeing the world is important to you, but interacting with it is a necessity. For this reason, conversation is your playground and words prove to be your jungle gym or sandbox. You embrace words with an excitement and energy in a way that few others can duplicate. Your genuine interest in communication draws others in and makes you a highly sought after friend and companion.

May 23 Birthday Element - Air

Your sign’s elemental pair is air, which also has great influence on your personality. The influence of air can breathe life into your thinking and lead to changing views and intellectual development. It can also stir up your sociability. As you embrace changing winds, you can avoid the mistake of being unmovable or stubborn. If you deny the influence of air, you run the risk of becoming detached and remote.

May 23 Ruling Planet - Mercury

The Gemini’s paired planet is Mercury, which harnesses the increased power of mentality and communication. Being born on May 23rd, you are apart of the first Decan, or part, of the Gemini sign, which means you have a double influence of Mercury. Your planetary influence gives you a great sense of humor, wit and innate intelligence, but it also can make you a perfectionist. While there is nothing wrong with wanting the best out of yourself and those around you, focusing too heavily on the unobtainable goal of perfection could be detrimental to your success. Take time to develop more realistic expectations, as this will play a key role in your future success.

May 23 Gemini Personality

Geminis born May 23 are known for their sense of humor and sense of style. They are fun-loving, free-thinking people who enjoy life on their terms. They embody a youthful attitude that corresponds to their youthful good looks.

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