May 30 Birthday Horoscope

May 30 Zodiac Sign - Gemini

As a Gemini born on May 30th, your mind is constantly working to present information to others. You view the world outwardly and find great fulfillment in an ability to communicate your observations with others. Your wit and clever way with words comes with ease, much to the amazement of those around you. Your keen ability to communicate makes you valuable as a friend and respected amongst your peers.

May 30 Birthday Element - Air

Air is the Gemini’s paired element and in fact, you have the only mutable relationship with the element of all the zodiac signs. While air can materialize as fierce winds, you actually have a direct relationships with the softer, more fluid qualities of air. The soft breezes of change and adaptability flow through you, which often push your curious and knowledge seeking nature. Embrace these qualities of air to discover new levels of knowledge and sociability. Failing to embrace these winds of influence may result in a unemotional stance towards the world.

May 30 Ruling Planet - Mercury

Mercury is the ruling planet of the Gemini sign and because you are born within the first Decan, or part, of the sign, the planet Mercury has twice the influence on you. Mercury’s primary influence lies in mentality, which helps to influence the rational dominance of your communication. More so than any of the other Gemini Decans, your planetary influence gives you an enjoyable sense of humor, but it also makes you a bit of a perfectionist at times. While there is nothing wrong with expecting the best out of yourself and others, you must be realistic in your demands. Do not allow this tendency to derail your path to success.

May 30 Gemini Personality

Geminis born May 30 are like artists who see the entire world as their canvas. These individuals are virtuosos when it comes to putting their imprint on the world around them. They have considerable mettle and can overcome adversity with ease. Their will to succeed is strong, never ruthless.

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