May 8 Birthday Horoscope

May 8 Zodiac Sign - Taurus

As a Taurus born on May 8th, your personality is defined by your charm and tact. You have always noticed that people are drawn to your unique brand of wit and charm. Your social understanding makes it easy for you to connect with others, although you may prefer to keep a small, close-knit group of friends. Your charisma is paired with a gift for tact and diplomacy. You can probably recall many scenarios, where you knew exactly what to say to keep the peace.

May 8 Birthday Element - Earth

Your sign’s paired element is Earth and in fact, of all 12 zodiac signs, only the Taurus has a fixed connection with the element. There are plenty of people who live with their head in the clouds, but you are not amongst them. Your special connection with Earth keeps you grounded and practical in your expectations and goals. More so, it is your special relationship with Earth that allows your personality to be as stubborn as an immovable bolder. Earth’s influence can be one of your greatest assets, as long as you avoid the overly cautious demeanor that plagues all Earth zodiac signs.

May 8 Ruling Planet - Venus

Venus is the planetary ruler of your sign, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the Taurus sign, Mercury also lends you a dose of its mysterious planetary power. Being the planet of harmony, Venus’s influence can be reflected in your warm, social and cooperative nature. In the same sense, it is Mercury’s power that drives your communication and mental agility. More so than any of the other Taurus Decans, your unique planetary power makes you practical and thoughtful in all your efforts. As long as you see a practical, worthwhile result, you dedicate yourself fully to your work. Although the spotlight may not be your main focus, practical and comfortable surroundings drive your life’s ambition. In love, you are loyal, honest and caring. For the most happiness, find a partner that shares in your practical aspirations and faithfulness.

May 8 Taurus Personality

Tauruses born on May 8 are practical and intelligent. They are rarely glamorous, yet they have the opportunity to make a name for themselves by the very nature of their capableness. They have a reputation for saying what they think, whether it’s critical or complimentary.

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