October 1 Birthday Horoscope

October 1 Zodiac Sign - Libra

Being a Libra born on October 1st, your creativity, diplomacy and warmth are the most dominant parts of your personality. You thrive in the group setting and will go to great lengths to insure harmony within a group. When this is an argument or disagreement, you often use your creativity to be a successful mediator or problem solver. In all of your social interactions, you try to maintain a warm and friendly demeanor, which is perhaps what your loved ones appreciate about you the most.

October 1 Birthday Element - Air

Air is the Libra’s paired element and you are the only zodiac sign with a cardinal relationship with air. Air’s influence over your personality becomes more obvious, when you notice the curiosity and sociability that stirs inside you as if encouraged by a light breeze. Your excited by the possibility of learning something new and can often become a self-starter in intellectual pursuits when a topic catches your interest. As you continue to embrace air’s flowing qualities, you will stay on a path of improvement. Be careful to avoid the negative qualities of still air, which include social distance and aloofness.

October 1 Ruling Planet - Venus

Your sign’s planetary ruler is Venus, but as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you actually receive two helpings of Venus’s mysterious planetary powers. Venus is the planet of beauty, love and harmony, It is Venus that ties to your undying pursuits of harmony and love. You truly love to be loved and take the same satisfaction from expressing love to others. In close relationships, you use your creativity to find new ways to keep romance in your relationships. You value harmony just as much in your intimate relationships, so make sure to find a partner that values loyalty and communication as much as you do. In all aspects of life, continue to use your creativity, as it is one of your most valuable assets.

October 1 Libra Personality

Libras born on October 1 have a bold and uncompromising spirit and an ability to come back from hard times. They enjoy being in the spotlight but have too much grace to appear egotistical or vain. October 1 men and women understand the need to build their future on past successes. They have an instinct for making the right decision.

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