September 5 Birthday Horoscope

September 5 Zodiac Sign - Virgo

As a Virgo born on September 5th, you are known for your great organization skills and will power. Even in hectic situations that would overwhelm others, you can always find a way to bring control and order. Your skills become especially evident in group settings, where your understanding of others allows you to naturally take on the leadership role. When dealing with challenges that you find particularly important, your friends and family are amazed at your ability to do whatever necessary to get the job done.

September 5 Birthday Element - Earth

The Virgo’s paired element is Earth and in fact, you are the only zodiac sign with fixed relationship to the element. Although it may make you stubborn at times, the influence of Earth drives you to always seek stability. You want your life as sturdy as the ground you walk on, which explains why you are so rational with your expectations and goals. Embracing these qualities of Earth will greatly assist you on your journey to success, but be wary of Earth’s negative influences. If you become overly cautious, you may miss out on many worthwhile experiences.

September 5 Ruling Planet - Mercury

Mercury is the ruling planet of the Virgo, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you also receive Saturn’s mysterious powers as well. Mercury can be considered the planet of quick wit, intellect and communication. Saturn’s powers lie in the realm of control and discipline. These two planetary combinations make you far more driven to perfection than any of the other Virgo Decans. It seems that you can’t help but want the best out of yourself and those around you. While this desire is motivational, it can also cause disappointment. Avoid putting too much pressure on your family and friends, instead using your great communication skills for diplomacy and motivation.

September 5 Virgo Personality

Because of their attitude and appearance, Virgos born on September 5 stand out in a crowd. Intelligent and composed, they are usually in control of their emotions. Their aristocratic bearing is something to behold. They’re not just physically attractive but also are composed and dignified.

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