Aquarius Monthly Career Horoscope

On June 3, Mercury goes direct in Taurus and your house of foundations. Aquarius, you might draw on the knowledge of family members to get a business off the ground. Check your family tree and see who you can tap for information and possibly cash.

The fourteenth brings the full moon in Sagittarius and your area of technology. Over the next two weeks, you could consider upgrading your computer system. Make sure your backup system is automated and working. Look at productivity apps. If you’re easily distracted, there are apps that can help you focus.

On June 22, Venus enters Gemini. Over the next month, you might be attracted to a speculative investment. This could be a leveraged investment or something that is time sensitive, like options trading. And while the Venus transit makes it fun, use caution. Fun isn’t always profitable.

The new moon in Cancer is on the twenty-eighth, and there’s something new going on at the office. You could be changing over to a new computer system. There might be a new employee, or you might have a new boss. This could mean procedural changes as well. While you’re open to change, some of your coworkers are dragging their feet.

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