Cancer Monthly Career Horoscope

The attention is on you in January, Cancer, and you’re ready to shine.

January 2 brings the new moon in Capricorn, and a business opportunity seems more possible when a friend says that they’ll team up with you. You might spend the next two weeks discussing timelines, designing logos, and choosing colors for the website. In this process, consider drawing up a quick partnership agreement to keep everything friendly and efficient.

Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on the fourteenth, and you might be returning to a source of funding. It’s possible you built a crowdsourcing page or campaign in the past and now you want to give it another go. While Mercury retrograde can be disruptive, especially when it comes to paperwork and communication, it also closes the loop. It can allow you to finish what you started earlier.

The full moon in Cancer is on January 17. This moon in your own sign brings light to your life so you can shine. Cancer, this is a time to finish a project and launch it into the world. You might finally be establishing a consultanting practice, tutoring online, or getting out of the house by working for a medical courier service. You’re ready to set things in motion.

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