Capricorn Monthly Career Horoscope

On June 3, Mercury goes direct in Taurus and your house of risk and speculation, and you might be drawn to a risky investment. Capricorn, this could have a low entry fee and a potentially high payoff. It feels like you’re ready to roll the dice.

The fourteenth brings the full moon in Sagittarius and your house that has no boundaries. Over the next two weeks, what you post could go much further and be seen by many more people than usual. This means you can benefit by posting more often, but make sure the items you post are true to your message. What you post now could go viral.

On June 22, Venus enters Gemini. Over the next month, your day-to-day work life improves. An irritating person might be out on leave or just less irksome. It’s also possible you’re working at home surrounded by your pets. What could be better?

The new moon in Cancer is on the twenty-eighth, and you could be approached about a collaboration. A company might want to sponsor one of your videos, or you might be asked to be on a lecture panel for a conference. You could even get tapped as a keynote speaker.

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