Leo Monthly Career Horoscope

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The month of May has Leo natives in good standing with supervisors and customers alike. Your reputation is stellar at the moment. On May 11, there's a new moon in Taurus at the top of your chart, and you might get a promotion or be asked to take on a bigger project, something more visible in the company.

On the thirteenth, Jupiter enters Pisces and your house of resources. If you have a business, you’re more apt to get loans or other funding. You might consider some crowdsourcing to get what you need to do a product prototype or build an e-commerce site.

There's a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and your house of risk taking on May 26. Eclipses herald difficulty or even calamity. You need to be extremely cautious about any risky investments you’re considering at this time. The results you’re expecting could disappear in a puff of smoke.

The twenty-ninth has Mercury in Gemini going retrograde, and there could be some delays or temporary problems with your paycheck. You would do well to review the numbers to make sure everything is copacetic. A customer who owes you money could be late in paying.

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