Leo Monthly Career Horoscope

January puts you in charge, Leo, and you can now build some great connections.

January 2 brings the new moon in Capricorn, and you might be training a new colleague or picking up the slack while your boss is away. You’re at the helm of the ship. This is your opportunity to implement some new procedures. You might start by pulling out your dog-eared copies of business self-help books to help you build high-trust relationships.

Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on the fourteenth, disrupting your house of partnerships. A connection you have with an influencer or mentor now seems to be held together by a tenuous string. Their schedule is busy, and nothing seems to jive with your calendar. You might have to put the whole thing on hold for a month or two, Leo.

The full moon in Cancer on January 17 reminds you that some things connected to your career are simply out of your control. There could be changes in your company coming down from the highest level that directly affect your job. There might be extenuating circumstances holding you in this position (at least for the moment). It’s best to bide your time and wait for the energy to shift.

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